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What is a Reefer Container, and What Can You Do with It?

There are a few types of containers. Some are more specific than others. One, in particular, the reefer container, is a specialist container. So, what is the reefer container, and what can you do with it? As container rent and supply experts all around Australia, this is a question we're in the best position to […]

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The Predicted Future of the Standardised Shipping Container

As China became a factory for the world during the trade boom time during the 90s and 2000s, container ships supported the growth. A colossal 52 million standard-sized 20ft containers, known as TEUs, carried cargo across global seas during that time. This figure was a staggering five times more than previously. Standardised shipping containers played […]

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How to Modify Your Shipping Container for Storage Use

With a breathtaking 31 million TEUs transported across the Pacific Ocean in 2021, it’s not surprising that there are a considerable number of them available for various other purposes. This means you can modify your shipping container for storage use or repurpose it in another way. Second-hand containers in Australia and all across the globe […]

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Why Are There Different Coloured Shipping Containers?

With over 827 million containers or TEUs shipping through global ports, it’s not surprising that many companies need to keep them in good working order while also rising above the competition. A lick of paint is not only useful in protecting shipping containers and their cargo but is also useful in other ways. So even […]

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Which Shipping Container Size is Right for You?

Buying your own shipping container is ideal for exporters who wish to store goods for long periods or even profit by selling them, but how do you know what size shipping container to buy? With a wealth of other uses for the best shipping containers in Australia and all across the globe, from office units […]

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