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For clients looking for a more compact shipping container solution, the 10ft cargo container offers a compelling option. In this post, we look at this mini shipping container in great detail: we outline the technical specifications of the miniature steel container including size-dimensions, capacity, weight and payload; tell you some of the common uses for the small shipping container; check out the main benefits of using this size container, and; advise you on instances where the compact container would be the preferred option. At the end of it, you should be able to decide whether the 10ft container is what you need for your project.

The 10ft shipping container comes in handy when space is at a premium, but you still require the strength and portability of a shipping container. This is the smallest container you can have and is exactly half the length of the 20ft unit.

The 10ft container is about half the size of a single car garage and this makes them ideal for small space storage applications, but they can also be modified to make countless shipping container products. This sized container is not very common in shipping, so second-hand 10ft containers are usually made by cutting a 40ft container into four equal parts and adding back walls and doors to the cutout pieces. One-piece retains the original back end of the larger container while another retains the original door of the container.

Tiger containers supply both new and used 10ft shipping containers. Our containers are of a high standard and are competitively priced.

10Ft Containers

Technical Specifications:

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benefits of 10ft shipping containers

Some key points to consider regarding our 20ft containers include:
1. Compactness – Because the container is about 3m in length, it can fit in the smallest of spaces saving you the headache of having to look for space to put it.
2. Enhanced mobility – The smaller size of the container makes it more mobile as it can fit on smaller, more manoeuvrable vehicles as compared to larger units.
3. Toughness and durability This container is made of high-quality steel and has all the durability features of the larger sized containers. This will ensure that the container lasts for a very long time.
4. Security – the 10fth container is made of solid, Corten steel. And like the 20ft and 40ft containers, the 10ft containers are built to survive the harshest conditions while being transported at sea. So, when you buy a 10ft container, and lock it, you can rest assured that whatever you’re storing inside is SECURE. Both from the weather, and from thieves.

uses for 10ft shipping containers

This small-sized container can be used for a number of things. They include:

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You may have been thinking about buying a 10ft wide shipping container but are unsure of whether or not this size of the container is really the best choice for you. After all, isn’t bigger better? And what if you actually need more storage space than just this 10ft box?

If there is no immediate need for that much space, however, a 10ft container may just be the perfect fit for you. Here are some telling signs of when you should opt for this smaller-sized container:


When there isn’t much space available on which to put the container, then choosing a 10ft container makes the most sense. This size container can easily fit a single parking space or driveway, making it the most sensible choice for home storage needs. For temporary storage needs, you could even opt for 10ft container hire.


One of the trickiest parts of purchasing a container is moving it. You can expect some difficulty when moving such a large item. With a 10ft shipping container, however, this isn’t really a problem. This type of container can be transported in smaller vehicles than those of its larger counterparts, and can, therefore, be easier to transport. This is a particularly vital quality when moving the container to a residential area.


10ft containers are not commonly used in shipping, which is why many of them have only been used once or are custom-made from larger containers. This makes them a great choice if you’re in need of a custom compact space. They can easily be customised as a mobile workshop, small office, outdoor cafe, food or market stall, pop up store and just about any other compact and/or mobile space you can think of.


Probably the biggest advantage of a 10ft container is that it occupies the smallest space of all standard shipping containers and yet it is just as durable as the larger ones. Add to that the fact that it can be customised quite easily and these compact containers make for the ideal storage for time and temperature-sensitive products like food, medicine and other perishable items. They’re durable enough to hold such items, can be customised easily to provide the ideal storage environment for such items, and they won’t take up too much space wherever they’re placed.

10ft Shipping containers for sale

If you’re in need of a high-quality 10-foot shipping container for sale, get in touch with Tiger Containers today. We offer new and used 10ft shipping containers for sale, and we can modify them to suit your specific needs. Call us on 1800 072 039 if you want to know more about 10ft container prices or click on the ‘get a quote’ tab above. We look forward to answering all your concerns and providing you with your ideal 10ft shipping container in Brisbane, Sydney, Fremantle or Melbourne.