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Tiger Shipping Containers curtain side containers are a very durable and secure way to transport your cargo because the curtain covers the longer sides of the container. This design allows you to easily and quickly access your goods, and it also makes loading and unloading for transport or delivery a hassle-free process. No matter which industry you’re in, if you need to efficiently and securely ship cargo, our curtain side containers are a great option.

Buy 20ft or 40fth Curtain Side Containers

We offer containers in 20ft and 40ft sizes, but we can also customise the length to your requirements. We build each container with safety in mind, and they all include hanging gates and posts to ensure safe handling for every operator. These containers are excellent for transporting soft pallets or fragile loads, and you can choose to modify the container with a mezzanine deck to lend increased flexibility when it comes to double-stacking 40 pallets or loading freight. Each container also comes equipped with multiple restraint points recessed into the floor and on the bottom side rail to allow you to transport irregular and palletised freight without a problem.

Curtain Side Containers: The Versatile Solution for
Transporting and Storing Goods

Curtain side containers are a type of shipping container that features a flexible curtain-like side that can be rolled up and down for easy loading and unloading of goods. At Tiger Shipping Containers, we offer a range of curtain side containers that cater to the unique needs of each customer. Curtain side containers offer a versatile solution for businesses that require transportation and storage of goods. They provide a flexible, easy-to-use loading and unloading system that can adapt to a wide range of products.

benefits of curtain side containers

Curtain side containers offer several advantages, including:

Standard Curtain Side Containers - this is the most common type of curtain side container used for a variety of applications.

Weather Protection - curtain side containers offer protection against weather conditions such as wind and rain, making them suitable for transporting goods that are sensitive to weather.

Versatility - curtain side containers can be used for a wide range of applications, including transportation of general cargo, oversized items, and perishable goods.

types of curtain side containers

We provide a range of curtain side containers, including:

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Standard Curtain Side Containers - this is the most common type of curtain side container used for a variety of applications.

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Double-Door Curtain Side Containers - these are curtain side containers with doors on both ends, making it easy to load and unload the materials.

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Flatrack Curtain Side Containers - these are curtain side containers that are designed to transport goods that are too wide or tall for standard containers.

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Design and Construction of Curtain Side Containers

At Tiger Shipping Containers, we use high-grade steel that complies with all relevant Australian regulations and standards. Curtain side containers are designed to be durable and safe, with construction materials and features that ensure the safe transportation of products.

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Materials - curtain side containers are constructed from high-quality steel, making them durable and resistant to damage.

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Curtain - the curtain-on-curtain side containers is made from high-strength PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation.

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Design Features - curtain side containers have design features such as a reinforced frame, corner castings, and lockable doors to ensure the safety of the materials being transported.

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Compliance - our curtain side containers comply with all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring their safety and legality. Applications of Curtain Side Containers.

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Transportation of General Cargo - curtain side containers are commonly used for the transportation of general cargo such as packaged goods, raw materials, and consumer goods.

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Oversized Items - curtain side containers are ideal for transporting oversized items such as machinery, equipment, and construction materials.

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Perishable Goods - curtain side containers are suitable for transporting perishable goods such as food products and pharmaceuticals because of their weather protection.

Dimensions and Weight of Curtain Side Containers

Curtain side containers are available in various sizes, with the most common sizes being 20-foot and 40-foot containers. The dimensions and weight of curtain side containers are as follows:

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20-foot curtain side container: exterior dimensions - 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet 6 inches high; weight - 2,530 kilograms (5,577 pounds); maximum payload - 28,230 kilograms (62,237 pounds).

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40-foot curtain side container: exterior dimensions - 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet 6 inches high; weight 3,810 kilograms (8,400 pounds); maximum payload - 28,530 kilograms (62,960 pounds).

Industries that commonly use Curtain Side Containers

Curtain side containers are used in a variety of industries, including:

Retail and Wholesale - curtain side containers are commonly used to transport retail and wholesale goods, including clothing, electronics, and household items.

Construction - curtain side containers are used to transport construction materials and equipment, such as lumber, bricks, and heavy machinery.

Agriculture and Food industry - curtain side containers are used to transport agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as food products that require temperature-controlled environments.

Automotive Industry - curtain side containers are used to transport automobiles, car parts, and accessories.

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advantages of curtain side containers

There are several advantages that come with using this type of container to store or transport cargo — which make them so popular in the mining, construction and freight industries (to name just a few). A few of the biggest advantages include:

Accessibility - Arguably one of the biggest benefits of this container is that it makes it easy to get to all your freight. All you have to do is pull the curtains back to have access to the front, back and sides of your cargo.

Low maintenance - Our containers come with a very rugged design with steel construction and a timber floor to ensure there are minimal maintenance requirements.

Modifications available - We have symmetrically designed containers that fit high cube or standard heights. If you need something added, we offer a range of accessories or modifications.

Protection - These containers come with heavy-duty curtains along the side that provide a shield for your goods from any outdoor elements to keep them secure and dry.

Speed - You’ll be able to quickly and safely open the curtains in under 60 seconds, and this makes loading and unloading cargo go much smoother.

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