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Tiger has been Australia’s leading container company for over 30 years. We sell, hire, and modify containers, both new and 2nd hand, in 40ft, 20ft, and 10ft sizes. With delivery available to both companies and individuals alike, right across Australia.

When you call Tiger, you do so safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with one of the largest wholesalers in Australia. And because we buy in bulk, we are in the enviable position of being able to heavily discount our stock when we sell direct to the public.

Local Depots and Australia-Wide Delivery

Tiger has multiple local depots around Australia, which allow us to fulfill your order quickly (often within 24 hours) via Tilt Tray, Side-Loader, or Hiab Crane. And with a price-match guarantee, Tiger is the only call you’ll ever have make.

short term hire & RENTAL

At Tiger we hire and rent new and used general-purpose, refrigerated, high-cube, side-opening and dangerous goods containers in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes. Monthly rental costs start at as little as $130 + GST with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT.


The answer to ‘Should I hire or buy?’ depends on your individual requirements, as there are pros and cons to both. The main benefit to renting is that it costs significantly less than buying outright. The other benefit is that when you rent you don’t have to worry about what to do with the box once you’re finished with it, because we’ll pick it up and take it away free of charge.


Maybe you’re after a 2nd hand 40ft-er to store your boat in for a few months while you secure a new mooring? Or maybe you need a reefer to keep your perishable stock at the desired temperature during the warmer months? Or perhaps you require a high-cube to store your over-sized furniture in during that pesky reno you’ve been putting off? Whatever your specific needs, hiring offers you a flexible solution without a long-term financial commitment.

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The sky's the limit when you modify!

Tiger brings over three decades of modification experience to every mod we do. And it’s this wealth of engineering nouse that guarantees that your vision (no matter how complex) gets turned into a reality.

Modified containers, regardless of type, all start out as a standard, general purpose 20ft or 40ft box. We then engage our engineering division to modify them into whatever it is you need them to be. And trust us when we tell you that you are only limited by your imagination.

Our mods include pools, bars, shops pop-up cafes, reefers, site offices, ablution units, first aid rooms, trade show displays, kitchens iso tanks, and homes, to name just a few options available to you.

At Tiger we pride ourselves on offering you the best of both worlds: a cost-effective and environmentally friendly engineering solution that can be customised to meet your specific needs, while also providing you with a product that is completely portable and exceptional value for money.



There are many different types of containers available on the market today, and an infinite amount of modifications. But all of them start out as a standard 40ft or 20ft ‘Intermodal Boxes’ due to the need for freight to conform to ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) regulations.

The modern ‘Intermodal Box’ (sometimes called a ‘Conex Box’) was invented in 1955 by former trucking company owner Malcolm Mclean with the help of engineer Keith Tantlinger, and was 8ft tall, by 8ft wide, by 10ft long unit. The unit’s design, much just like current designs, incorporated a twist lock mechanism on all corners for secure attachment when stacking. The patents for this design were very generously donated to the world at large, and thus began the standardisation of sizes the world over.

The advent of standardised sizes dramatically reduced transport costs and supported the boom in international trade after World War II. In a very real sense it was the world’s conformity to ISO that fueled globalisation as we know it today, as it eliminated the manual sorting of cargos and reduced reliance on warehousing. As a result, congestion was reduced at all major ports around the world, transportation times were shortened, and losses from theft and damage were significantly reduced. 

Over the years, two sizes of boxes have become ubiquitous: the 20ft and the 40ft. These are by far the most common in international trade. The 10ft container is also used worldwide but is not as common as the other two sizes, as it has to be ‘cut down’ from a larger box.


When it comes to choosing the right box, it is vital you make an informed decision prior to purchasing (or hiring). But with so many types available, how do you know which is suitable for your specific needs?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Because the following boxes are a cross-section of the most common types available in Australia, to help you choose wisely.

General Purpose – The Box to End All Boxes: This is the most common type of ‘Intermodal Box’ available. These are the ones you’ve seen a thousand times, either in person and in the movies. They generally come in 20ft and 40ft sizes, and have two doors at one end, and provide ample space to load and unload regular sized cargo.

High Cube – The Tall Option: This is taller than a normal box by about 1 foot (0.3m), thus making it ideal for storing and transporting awkwardly shaped cargo. This extra height may not sound like much, but you’ll be surprised at how handy it is when loading and unloading!

Reefers – When Cold Isn’t Cold Enough: This is a General Purpose box which has been modified to have refrigerated units and insulation installed to keep the temperature nice and frosty. It’s ideal for storing and transporting food, flowers, pharmaceutical supplies, etc.

Insulated – Too Cool for School: This is essentially a decommissioned Reefer that no longer has the refrigerated unit power it, but still has the insulation.

Flat Rack – When Big Isn’t Big Enough: These boxes don’t have a roof at all, and only have two sides on the short ends. This makes them ideal for transporting oversized items such as heavy machinery.

Side Opening – The Ideal Way to Load and Unload Your Cargo: This has one long side that can fully opened, providing extra loading space and easier access. This makes ideal if you need to get to your goods on a regular basis, or else if you need to store or transport something that won’t fit through normal doors.

Open Top – Load and Unload from Above: This is basically a standard General Purpose box, but instead of a roof it has a removable canvass or tarpaulin covering instead. This provides versatility for transporting goods of different sizes, while still offering solid steel protection from all sides.

new or 2nd hand - which is better?

When it comes to this industry there is no such thing as ‘new.’ Not in a real sense. This is because every box sold as ‘new’ in Australia has already had a ‘single use.’ The reason for this is simple: commerce. The boxes are all made in China. And to buy something that weights 3,500 kgs (or more) and get it transported to Australia, sans cargo, would cost an absolute fortune. And you, the consumer, would never stomach the cost, and would accuse us of daylight robbery! This is why every ‘new’ box gets shipped to Australia full of cargo. Just once. Then, when it’s unloaded, Tiger can sell it to customers at a much cheaper price. And even though it’s technically had a ‘single use,’ it is still, in a very real sense, ‘new.’ Because all ‘new’ boxes have to be in perfect condition when we sell them. And if they’re not in perfect condition, due to some mishap at sea, or while unloading, then we advertise them as ‘2nd hand.’

Second hand boxes are of course much cheaper than new ones (like, d’uh!). However, be aware that they’re likely to have undergone multiple sea journeys, and have had multiple owners, and will have the bumps and scrapes and dents to prove it. So when buying second hand it’s important to ask: ‘Is it sea-worthy?’, because some (older) 2nd hand boxes might have rust or significant damage due to wear-and-tear or age, and thus not be suitable for transportation. They will however be just fine for storing your bits and bobs in them at the end of your garden. Just remember that in all things, you get what you pay for. So if a company is offering stock that cost next to nothing, you’re going to end up with something sub-par for your needs.


No client is too big or too small for Tiger. In fact, over the 30 plus years we’ve been in business, we’ve supplied new and used stock to everyone from individuals and small businesses, right on up to local councils, major construction companies, mining conglomerates, energy companies, international airlines, and state and federal government departments. We have major depots all around the country that are overflowing with stock, we pride ourself on our levels of customer service, and we offer a price match guarantee. 

Popular modification types available in australia