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Shipping container bars have quickly gained popularity in Australia due to their unique design, low cost, and portability. With the rise of the food and beverage industry in Australia, container bars (much like container cafes) have become an essential part in music festivals, weekend markets, hospitality functions, retail developments, sporting events and outdoor corporate events.

Tiger Shipping Containers excels in modifying shipping containers to give you cost-effective and practical solutions tailored to your business needs. And when it comes to innovative business ideas, our award-winning shipping container bars will really make you stand out from the crowd!


One of the biggest benefits of choosing to add a shipping container bar is that you can start business very quickly after we deliver it to your chosen location. We can do a total internal fit-out to give you everything you need to open, and the nature of this bar makes it easy to move from location to location should you need to.

Container Bar Sizes

Container bars are made from 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft foot shipping containers, and can be customised to your exact requirements with everything from windows, doors, air-conditioning, hot and cold running water, benchtops, lighting, sinks and so much more. The standard width is 8ft, with the option of single or double doors.

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Popular Uses of Shipping Container Bars

Shipping container bars are perfect for a variety of events, including:

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Food and beverage festivals

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Markets and fairs

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Corporate events

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Private parties

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Sporting events

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Camping grounds

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Caravan parks

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Eco lodges

Container Bar Weight

The weight of a shipping container bar varies depending on its size and the materials used in its construction. Generally, a container bar weighs between 1,500 kg and 4,500 kgs. But again, it very much depends on the size of your container and what design features you incorporate.

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Your Container Bar is a One-of-a-Kind Design

As much as the drinks and service are important at a bar, what often makes one bar unique from another is the atmosphere and the location. And this is where a shipping container bar comes into its own. As you can literally place it anywhere!
The use of shipping containers as bars started with the trend of upcycling and repurposing old containers for various purposes. Their sturdy steel frames, durability and portability made them a popular choice with business owners looking to enter the market without breaking the bank or having to pay exorbitant rent.

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Advantages of Using Shipping Container Bars

There are many benefits that come with building a shipping container bar with Tiger Shipping Containers. When you choose to modify a shipping container, you get the creative licence to make it unique enough to attract customers any time they pass by. You need to get ahead of your competition, and a shipping container bar will make this possible. Also, you’ll be surprised by what you can fit into your new container bar while still having plenty of room for your staff to manoeuvre as they make drinks and cocktails.

Shipping container bars offer a range of advantages over traditional bars, including:

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All of our container bars at Tiger Shipping Containers feature a steel structure with a wooden floor for superior durability. You can choose to have us fit your container bar’s doors with a lock and the windows can have heavy-duty shutters made from steel that shut securely when you’re not using them. Also, shipping containers must withstand extreme conditions, so ours are made out of marine-grade steel that will survive the harshest environment. So, you can rest easy and know that your shipping container bar is secure, safe, and locked up when it’s not in use.

Legal and Safety Standards for Shipping Container Bars

Tiger Shipping Containers ensure that all of our container bars meet the necessary safety and regulatory compliance standards. This includes compliance with relevant Australian Building Codes, Occupational Health and Safety regulations, and electrical and plumbing standards.

Buy Your Dream Container Bar, Today!

Shipping container bars offer a unique and sustainable option for any budding entrepreneur, providing a cost-effective and eye-catching feature that can be fully customised to suit your specific needs. With endless possibilities for design and functionality, container bars are the perfect solution for businesses looking to make a statement and stand out from the competition. Contact Tiger Shipping Containers today to start designing the container bar you’ve always dreamed of!

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