Shipping Container Bars

As much as the drinks and service are important at a bar, what often makes one bar unique from another is the atmosphere and the surroundings, along with the location. One trend that’s been soaring in recent years is the transformation of shipping containers into businesses, thus began the rise of  the shipping container bar.

You have probably been to a bar or two in your lifetime, and many of us have. On this page you will learn about the newest type of bar, the shipping container bar. These are simply a bar that is constructed out of an often recycled shipping container and modified to the needs and wants of the owner .

Shipping containers are generally used for a five year period for the purposes of shipping before they are basically decommissioned. Traditionally at this time they are generally recycled for the scrap metal. These days recycling and repurposing is a big deal. Finding any way to repurpose an item is important because it means using less of our natural resources and making use of items that already exist.

Las Vegas has a development called Container City which features some exciting eateries, cafes and several shipping container bars. Bin 702 sells salads and sandwiches and wine in bottles as well as on tap. Big Ern’s BBQ features BBQ and beer on tap. The one full-service bar is The Boozery, which is aptly named. It serves wine by the bottle or glass, beer on tap or in a can and mixed drinks.

Using a shipping container is an excellent alternative and can be modified to exactly what the customer needs and the options are endless. At Tiger Shipping Containers we make the owner feel at ease and all they have to worry about is turning their attention to more important things like the necessary licence’s and finding the perfect location.

Many shipping containers do not even look like what they were used for originally and once transformed they never cease to amaze. Offering the most unique experience is just part of the attraction and one way to draw people to a new bar and in itself creating a whole new brand of atmosphere.

Las Vegas is innovative in their designs and ideas, but we are sure that soon those concepts will be coming to a city near you. With countless retired shipping containers available for sale at deeply discounted prices, it just makes sense to utilise this pre-existing form to build an exciting and innovative place where people can gather and socialise. One of the best things about shipping containers is that one can be used or several can be combined, and this ensures that the finished building is exactly what is intended according to the vision of the owner of the bar.

Need a shipping container for your upcoming project? Tiger Shipping Containers provides quality new and used shipping containers at competitive prices. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians will also help you make the modifications you require to meet your needs.

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