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Looking to buy or hire a shipping container in Darwin? Then look no further! Tigers Shipping Containers Darwin has the 20ft, 40ft and 10ft containers you need, at the price you want to pay. With deliveries across Darwin, the Northern Territory (and throughout Australia!

We’ve been in the Darwin container business for over 30 years, so you know you’re dealing with the experts when you call us. Whether you need a shipping container for storage, or for transporting goods. Whether you need just one container, or a thousand containers, we have the stock on hand, and we deliver FAST!

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Our Darwin customers come to us for various reasons, and with an array of specific requirements. Take a look at some of the most common applications for shipping containers in Darwin, below, and gain some inspiration for your next project. Because we not only sell and hire containers in Darwin, we modify them as well. And have been doing all of this for over 30 years!

sea Containers transportation

Shipping containers provide standardised goods transportation, offering a secure and reliable solution for sending goods around the country or internationally. The container can easily be loaded onto rail or shipping freight vehicles, ready for transportation, while the sturdy and robust construction of the container keeps items safe in transit.


New & 2nd Hand Containers Available

To those in the global supply chain (which is pretty much every business these days!), shipping containers are the hottest item on the planet. So, to buy or hire the Darwin shipping container that’s right for you, simply call us on 1800 072 039 or fill out the quote form on this page, and one of our Darwin container specialists will be able to answer all your questions and fulfil your order.

Container Kitchens and Bathrooms

Does your worksite need a container kitchen or an Ablution Container/portable toilet block? Then worry not, because Tiger Shipping Containers Darwin have what you need! Our portable kitchen and bathrooms are pre-fabricated and are fit-for-purpose. These units can be portable, plumbed and ready to go in a matter of days.

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Long and Short-Term Storage

Not all our customers in Darwin need to move items from A to B. Instead, you may be looking for a way to store your items securely, ready for use at a later date. The super-strong design and reliable construction of our shipping containers make them ideal for this purpose, offering peace of mind as you keep your belongings safe.
Some items may be classed as hazardous or dangerous under Australian law, and will need to be stored in a Dangerous Goods Container. For example, flammable items or dangerous chemicals will need to be stored in a way that meets all rules and regulations in the Northern Territory.

Container Site Offices

When you need temporary offices or admin buildings for your Darwin worksite, you need it fast. Pre-fabricated and as tough as old nails, these container site offices are a must-have for all worksites, with site offices being the very first building that gets sited when a worksite is given the green light. We can deliver these type of pre-modified containers to your site anywhere in Darwin (or right across the Northern Territory), fast.

Darwin Shipping Container Hire

If your container needs are only short-term, a rented container might be the best option. We provide shipping containers for hire and rent in Darwin from as little as $130 + GST per month, and we can deliver the unit to your site and collect it once you have finished using it.


Choose from an extensive fleet of shipping containers for hire, including new and used cargo containers, Refrigerated containers for cold storage. We provide competitive pricing with fast delivery across Queensland.


We offer top-quality shipping containers for purchase in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Count on competitive pricing, excellent customer service and fast delivery from a market leader.

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Shipping Containers Darwin

Welcome to Tiger Shipping Containers Darwin, your trusted source for top-quality shipping containers in Australia. With our extensive inventory of Darwin containers for hire and sale, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide Territorians with the perfect container solution every time!

General Purpose Containers for Sale and Hire in Darwin

The 40ft general purpose containers we sell are versatile and widely used for various shipping and storage purposes. They provide ample space to accommodate your cargo, whether you need to transport goods or store equipment securely. 40ft general purpose containers are also available for hire, providing you with a convenient solution for short-term storage or transportation requirements.

20ft General Purpose Containers

Our 20ft general purpose containers for sale offer a compact yet spacious solution for your shipping and storage requirements. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing convenience and flexibility.

If you need a smaller container for temporary storage or transportation, our 20ft general purpose containers are also available for hire, offering flexibility and affordability.

Buying or renting a 20ft new or 2nd hand container in Darwin has never been easier. The 20ft container is the hack-bone of suap y-chains right across the Northern Territory since the 1950s. So buy or rent yours, today!

High Cube Containers

If you require additional vertical space to accommodate taller items, buy one of our 40ft high cube containers. With an extra foot of height compared to standard containers, they offer increased capacity and flexibility for your cargo.

40ft High Cube Containers are also available for rent. So for temporary storage or transportation that requires extra vertical space, the 40ft high cube containers for hire from us should be your go-to container of choice, as these containers are perfect for accommodating taller items or when additional capacity is needed. And why buy when you can rent with no lock-in contracts to tie-you down?

20ft High Cube Containers

Our 20ft high cube containers for sale combine compactness and extra height, making them ideal for situations where space is limited but vertical clearance is necessary. Like its big brother, our 20ft high cube containers are available for hire, combining compactness and extra height to meet your temporary storage or transportation needs.

Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers feature collapsible sides, allowing for easy loading and unloading of oversized or unconventional cargo. They are suitable for transporting heavy machinery, vehicles, or bulky goods. We only sell the flat racks, we don’t hire them.

Side Opening Containers for Sale in Darwin

With full-length side access doors, side opening containers offer convenient loading and unloading options for cargo that requires broad access. They are ideal for transporting or storing large or awkwardly shaped items. We sell the side opening containers, we do not rent them out.

Reefers (Refrigerated Containers)

Refrigerated containers, commonly known as reefers, provide a temperature-controlled environment for perishable goods. They are equipped with advanced cooling systems, ensuring that your sensitive cargo remains fresh and intact during transportation or storage. We sell 20ft and 40ft reefers.

Open Top Containers

The open top containers we sell in Darwin feature a removable top, allowing easy loading and unloading of goods from the top using cranes or other lifting equipment. They are suitable for transporting or storing tall or oversized items that cannot be accommodated by standard containers. Note: we don’t hire this type of container.

Contact Tiger Shipping Containers Darwin, Today!

When it comes to container sales and hire in Darwin and throughout the Northern Territory, Tiger Shipping Containers Darwin is your reliable partner. Explore our wide range of container options, from general purpose and high cube containers to reefers to modified containers and everything in-between. Contact our Darwin container sales team today to discuss your requirements.

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