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Shipping Containers Homes: 10 Unique Aspects

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In this post, we’ll list 10 unique aspects of shipping container homes so you can understand what makes them so popular. The list will also give you an idea of whether a shipping container home is right for you.

It’s one of the fastest-growing trends of the modern era, building homes out of new or used shipping containers. That being the case, you may be wondering what the attraction is.

#1 – Containers Can Be Grouped Or Stacked To Create a Larger Floor Plan

Because of their rectangular and rather block shape, building a home with shipping containers can be a lot like making a Lego house, but on a much larger scale. Some homes people design are only made from one 20 foot container and are really small, but you can group containers together, such as side by side, end to end, or spaced out in a pattern such as an L shape or U shape.

There is even the option of going up, as containers are designed to be stacked high on the decks of container ships, so they slot together perfectly.

#2 – A Shipping Container Home Can Be Built More Rapidly

While there will still be work to be done on-site, with the shipping container portions of the house, much of the remodelling and construction can be done off-site, handled by the company doing the shipping container modifications. These sections are then transported to the site when completed and added to the build.

What this does is help speed up the process, as builders don’t have to travel to your site every day to work. Plus, when building with containers, much of the construction is already done, like the walls, floor and ceiling. The containers just need modifying

#3 – You Can Design a Home In Many Shapes

Although they start out as rectangles, shipping containers can be sliced up to form any shape home you like, really. As an example, you could cut a side off two 20 foot containers and join them together, making the internal space twice as wide.

There are no rules stating the containers have to remain their original shape and dimensions, which means you can get really creative with designs and options.

#4 – Containers Are a Unique Building Material

How many people can claim their homes are built primarily from solid steel?

Well, that’s what you’ll have if you use cargo containers as the main building material for your new home. However you utilise the containers and put your home together, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is super strong and basically impervious to most weather conditions.

Another key point to note is pests like termites don’t eat steel.

#5 – Know You’re Doing Your Bit for the Environment

If you choose to buy some good quality used shipping containers that have basically been put out to pasture by the transport companies, then you are saving these containers from either sitting around the docks rusting away or, even worse, being dumped somewhere or ending up at the local tip.

There is far too much high-quality steel in a shipping container to let it go to waste, so when you make the decision to reuse these abandoned containers by repurposing them, you’re doing your part to help the planet.

#6 – Shipping Container Homes Are As Individual As You Are

You can really make a statement with a shipping container home. In fact, it will likely become a cool talking point in your neighbourhood, as well as with the people you know.

Combined with a little imagination, the versatility of shipping containers as one of the main building materials means you can create a very unique style of home that is like no other.

If you do some online research for shipping container homes, you’ll discover some really cool and distinctive designs. It’s a good way to get those creative juices flowing.

#7 – Homes Made From Shipping Containers Can Save You Money

The financial aspect really depends on how smart you are with your planning and building. If done right, you will potentially save many thousands of dollars by buying shipping containers and converting them into a home.

On the flip side, if you get super extravagant, then the cost will naturally go up, but you’ll still find the final price tag is cheaper building with containers than if you built that house in the same design with traditional building methods and materials.

#8 – Many Container Homes Are Built With Sustainability In Mind

This means installing solar power, naturally gathering rainwater for watering plants, gardens and for flushing toilets, and designing the home in such a way that the need to heat and cool is not as necessary.

Generally, many people who choose to recycle shipping containers by building with them also have the environment in mind when they design and build their homes. Not only are design elements key here, but so is effective insulation, and this can include things like double glazed windows to keep the warmth in during winter and the heat out through summer.

#9 – Adding Extensions Is Easy

After you build your shipping container home, if you discover you need an extra room or two, then adding an extension is really as simple as having your shipping container supplier modify another container for you and having it delivered and installed.

It can be an extension of your home or even a stand-alone granny flat out the back.

#10 – A Great Option For DIY Home Builders

If you’re a builder, or handy with tools and know a bit about building a home, then using shipping containers can certainly make that DIY building project that much simpler. You’ll still need to call in tradies for some of the work – plumbing, electrical – but between your skills and those of the company converting your containers for you, you’ll have an awesome looking house in no time.

10 Unique Aspects Of Shipping Containers

The Takeaway

Shipping containers are a fantastic choice for home building as there are just so many positives and advantages. We’ve highlighted some of the unique traits of shipping container house construction, but there are likely many more benefits.

Talk to us about modifying a shipping container to suit your exact needs or if you’re wanting to create a unique container home like the ones in this article.

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