Pop-up stores are a growing trend right around Australia and across the world. These retail spaces are mobile, quick to set up, and are a cost-effective way for modern day retailers to trade. In this post we’ll delve into the reasons why pop-up stores are on the rise, and how converted shipping containers are a budget friendly, trendy and secure way to easily create a pop-up retail store, cafe or bar. If you’re in the retail or hospitality industry, then a pop-up store made from a remodelled shipping container might just be the solution to your needs.

Pop-up stores are temporary retail spaces that are set up in malls, streets, events and other crowded places to sell any kind of merchandise for a short period of time.

Pop-ups have emerged globally as an effective business model and a powerful tool for product promotions used by both leading global brands and small to medium-sized operations looking to get closer to their market.

Pop-up shops are versatile and can be used for a myriad of purposes. They can be used as merchandise stands, offices, ticket stalls, art galleries, recording studios, cafes, food stalls and restaurants, bars and even beauty salons.

More Than Just Sales

More than sales, brands stand to gain several other benefits from the pop-up format. That’s because you get to connect with your customers in an unconventional and interesting way that helps create awareness for your brand.

Not only will a pop-up store generate interest from the nearby foot traffic, but it will also create a buzz on both traditional and social media especially when the concept is unique and well thought out. This will help push your brand’s message to an even bigger audience.

Converted Cargo Containers – The Perfect Pop-Up Shops

Sea containers have proved to be a popular choice for the construction of pop-up shops due to their natural mobility and ease to customise for varied needs. Additionally, repurposing/upcycling a used shipping container for your pop-up store is more sustainable than constructing your space using new materials. Otherwise, these still-structurally-sound metal boxes would end up sitting idle and abandoned in a port somewhere.

"Pop-Up Clothes Store" Made from A Shipping Container

"Pop-Up Clothes Store" Made from A Shipping Container

Shipping container pop-up shops provide several benefits that help them edge out other temporary store construction alternatives. They are:

  • Robust and secure. Cargo containers are made tough which means they will keep your property safe from burglars as well as the weather elements. Lockable windows and doors can be installed on your unit to ensure your stuff remains safe when you lock up at the end of the day.
  • Highly portable. Containers are designed with ease of mobility built into their core. So, when your campaign is done, you can easily move your pop-up shop to a new location without much hassle.
  • Super-fast construction. Your container store can be customized and fitted out in an offsite workshop and then delivered to the location of use ready for operation. The customisation work takes very little time ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of the modifications you need to be installed.
  • Deployable anywhere. Whether it’s in a parking lot, a garden or even an indoor exhibition hall, your shipping container pop-up shop can be deployed anywhere provided there is enough space. No preliminary preparation work is required for the site, just deploy and use. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of container sizes depending on your needs.
  • Unique experience. For a brand to be successful, it needs to set itself apart from the competition. A shipping container pop-up shop helps you achieve this with minimal effort and provides your customers with an impressive unique experience worth sharing with their friends.

The pop-up retail space enables you to invigorate energy around your brand while enabling your customers to discover and interact with your products. Building your pop-up space using a modified shipping container helps you achieve this easily with maximum value for your investment.

(Images from https://www.gopopup.com/en/pop-up-container/)

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