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You are currently viewing 5 Bizarre Container Modifications From Around The World

5 Bizarre Container Modifications From Around The World

Every year 1000s of new and used sea shipping containers are refashioned to be used for other purposes. Sometimes that could be something as basic as creating a home office or building a backyard workshop from a cargo container. More grandiose projects include constructing an entire house predominantly from shipping containers, or even the construction of bridges. These are great ways to recycle used containers. Some architects take things a few steps further, and this post highlights some of the more bizarre shipping container modifications you’ll ever feast your eyes on.

If you have been keeping tabs on architectural developments in the past decade or so, you will probably have noticed the increasing number of modifications of cargo-containers. That’s because the popularity of shipping-container repurposing for creating residential, commercial, recreational and industrial spaces has been on the up since the turn of the millennium.

Because they are still a relatively new concept, container modifications do have a knack for capturing people’s attention wherever they are present. Some modifications, however, are more on the bizarre side and end up garnering attention from all over the world.


1. The Superiscope (Brazil)

the superiscope

Creation of a Brazilian architectural firm, The Superiscope is a 12-metre-high periscope made from a shipping container that has been stood on one end. Described as the “world’s largest periscope” by its creators, this bizarre shipping container contraption offers visitors a view of the Lagoa Santa. An adjacent lagoon that lends its name to the Brazilian city where it’s located. It provides the perfect aerial view if you’re afraid of heights.

(Images from:http://www.designcurial.com/projects/superiscope)


the superiscope










2. Ras Abu Aboud Stadium (Qatar)

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium (Qatar)-modification

Due for completion in 2020, this 40,000-seat stadium being developed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will hold the record for the largest container modification project in the world. The modular stadium will be created from 990 repurposed shipping containers and will feature a custom cooling system that will keep its interior temperature at 26 degrees Celsius.

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium (Qatar)

The modular design will enable the stadium to be disassembled and moved to a new location once the football tournament ends or repurposed to smaller cultural and sporting venues.


(Images from: https://www.curbed.com/2017/11/29/16714408/shipping-container-architecture-qatar-world-cup-stadium-2022

3. WEDEW Artificial Cloud (USA)

The WEDEW system is an energy-efficient device for harvesting clean drinking water from air that’s housed within a cargo container for convenient transportation. The system combines hot and cold air to generate condensation in a process similar to how cloud formation occurs.

WEDEW can generate at least 2,000 litres of water daily from the atmosphere running 100% on renewable energy at the low cost of 2 cents per litre. The system has its own source of renewable energy and produces more than it consumes making it carbon-negative.

(Images from: https://www.dezeen.com/2018/11/05/wedew-air-drinking-water-artificial-clouds-shipping-container/)

4. Crane Resort (Netherlands)

Overlooking IJ river in Amsterdam is this luxury apartment featuring three modified shipping containers. Fitted into the skeleton of a decommissioned crane. The space was designed to commemorate the industrial past of the area while providing a premium experience for guests with excellent views and a unique connection to the surrounding area.

The crane apartment, which is operated as a holiday resort, was the result of a collaboration between the local municipality of the area and a private developer.

crane-apartment-modifications- shipping-container

(Images from: https://www.dezeen.com/2018/02/03/yays-crane-apartment-holiday-home-hotel-crane-shipping-containers-amsterdam-netherlands/)

5. Sliced Container House (USA)

Officially referred to as Carroll House, this bizarre family home located in Brooklyn, NY.  Is the creation of LOT-EK, a New York based studio. The unique steel house is made of stacked sea containers.  They have been cut at an angle creating a set of terraces that step down to its back.


To create the unique family house, the developer stacked containers in a three-wide, two-long, and three-high in the front section. With two-high in the back formation over a concrete base. Sections from the lower back of the pile were sliced at an angle. These sliced pieces were then flipped over and placed over the higher stack to create a unique shape.

(Images from: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/10/04/lot-ek-slices-shipping-container-stack-form-carroll-house-williamsburg-brooklyn/)

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