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Beware of Shipping Container Scams

Over recent weeks, Shipping Container companies have been the latest target for scamming websites and phishing.

During COVID, market prices have increased and continue to do so. As a lot of our trading is now carried out online due to COVID restrictions, we want to ensure you do not fall victim to one of these fraudulent websites.

Please continue reading to discover how to identify a potential Scam website or an attempt at Phishing (Phishing is a type of attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers, etc.)

Here are a few tips to keep you safe online:

  • Take notice of prices! Scam websites will have extremely low rates for purchasing/hiring containers. Their pricing will be well below the current market prices
  • Do not provide sensitive personal information (like usernames and passwords) over email.
  • Watch for email senders that use suspicious or misleading domain names
  • Be wary if contact information is limited to a mobile phone without a landline and email
  • Ask for proof of ownership and the location of the depot where containers are stored

Scam websites will use an email address that can be easily identified as a scam email by following the below steps:

  • Reputable, registered businesses will not use an email address with a domain of “” OR”, etc.
  • Reputable, registered businesses will not use a website address such as:
  • Email body will contain grammatical and spelling errors.

If you cannot tell if an email/website is legitimate or not, please cross reference business details such as: ABN/ACN, business number, address, etc.
Always call the business to confirm details.


Scam Business NameScam Agent NamePhoneABN
Container Pty Ltd / ContainersalesauTrent Isaac02 8091 146338 122 373 979
Container-discounts.comAdam Baker02 6172 066938 122 373 979
Container-discounts.comAsh Peters02 8007 532038 122 373 979
A & L Shipping ContainersPaul Henry08 6102 058834 150 597 989
Whitehorse TowingKevin Riseley03 9018 5771
07 5641 1931
30 006 114 941
be aware of shipping container scams



We have been supplying and modifying shipping containers for close to four decades now. This experience has made us more efficient and better at doing what we do. All the solutions we provide have been tried, tested and deemed to be effective. So you can rest easy with the knowledge that we don’t just know what we are doing, we’re good at it too.


We understand that the ‘one size fits all’ pricing strategy will not actually fit everyone, that’s why we keep a wide range of containers to suit every budget. We strive to ensure that our customers always get more than they pay for.


Containers might seem like difficult things to transport for people who don’t do it regularly. We have however perfected the art and will have your shipping container delivered to you with minimum delay to any location in and around Sydney. We can also arrange delivery to any part of New South Wales.


We have a depot in Sydney where customers can communicate with our staff directly and view our products. This makes conducting business a lot easier for people who prefer a personal touch.

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