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Awesome ANZAC Container Sale!

It’s ‘Awesome ANZAC Sale’ time at Tiger Shipping Containers!

Need a High Cube or General Purpose container? No worries, we’ve got you covered with prices you’re not going to believe! But this time we’ve also got something extra special for you in honour of the ANZACs. So special in fact that we’ve had to extend our Awesome ANZAC sale for another week!

Have you ever wanted to buy a container that made a statement? One that caused people to wind down their car windows and whistle in appreciation as they drove on by it? If so, it’s time to dust off your inner-Rambo and buy yourself a 20ft Camo Container! Sometimes known as ‘Stealth Containers,’ these bad boys are beloved by the military (and military lovers) the world over, and will totally transform your property once it’s sited! Check them out below in all their camouflaged glory!    


Awesome ANZAC Container Sale!

Time is ticking on this exclusive Tiger Shipping Containers sale! Stock is strictly limited and is sold on a first come first served basis. Please note the discounted prices are only valid until Friday May 3rd at 5pm, or until stock is sold out.

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