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Shipping Containers TRARALGON


Tiger Shipping Containers Traralgon is a reliable brand as a supplier of shipping vessels in Victoria. The professional team of Tiger Containers is always ready to deliver top-quality containers that will serve your needs. Such needs may include the movement of cargo, product storage, serve as a company’s temporary field office, or modified for any other uses. For whatever purpose you choose to use a container, our ever-responsive staffs will always be at your service.

Either you choose to purchase a brand new container or a used container and you can buy or hire containers from us Tiger Shipping Containers Traralgon.

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Choose from an extensive fleet of shipping containers for hire, including new and used cargo containers, and Refrigerated containers for cold storage. We provide competitive pricing with fast delivery Australia-wide.


We offer top-quality shipping containers for purchase. Count on competitive pricing, excellent customer service and fast delivery from a market leader.

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Tiger Containers provide New and Used Shipping Containers in Traralgon

Our newly made containers are always appealing and of top-quality. All of our new containers are faultless without a scratch, a dent and are coloured with quality paints.

Also, our used containers are always in excellent condition, but more affordable. Second-hand containers are best for modification to other specific uses. For instance, they can be modified into a field office for the construction industries, or use as a storage shed at homes and offices.

Should You Buy or Hire Shipping Containers in Traralgon?

Tiger Shipping Containers Traralgon are not only reliable sellers of containers but also hire out containers in good condition, at an affordable rate. Whether you purchase or hire, your decision will be based on what you need the cargo container for.

For instance, should you choose to have a container as an extra area within your property, it is better to buy a container than to keep paying for hiring cost. However, if you want to use a container for a short period such as for a temporary onsite office or temporary product storage, then we can lease out the container.

Regardless of your container needs, Tiger Container is always available to provide an excellent shipping container for your needs in Traralgon.

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Varieties of Shipping Containers

There are different kinds of containers to choose based on their purpose. And they are as follows:

General purpose shipping containers – this type of container is common among container users. They are mostly used as a storage and for the movement of cargo.

High cube shipping container – this container has an additional internal height which gives it its cube-shape, but most importantly more befitting for materials that are a bit taller than usual.

Dangerous goods containers – these shipping containers are best used for the movement of hazardous materials such as acid, electronic devices, etc. Primarily, they are made for the movement and storage of harmful loads.

Side opening containers – for the loading of goods that requires using a forklift, the side-opening container is the best option to use. You can open the container’s side, load the bulky goods, and lock afterward.

Flat rack container – it has a flat-pack shape, and the walls can be relaxed to move it from one point to another conveniently.

Refrigerated containers – containers of this nature are made with temperature regulators for the movement of perishable goods.

Temperature controlled containers – they are also known as Reefer containers. They are made with thermostat so that it can have a definite and controllable internal temperature.

Office and site containers – such containers are customised for field office use, especially for the construction industry, and also for other organizations that need a mobile office for their services.

The open top container – this kind of container is best used for a situation where the cargo has to be loaded with a crane. The top can be unlocked for loading and close after loading.

Unique Ideas for Shipping Container Modifications

While the movement and storage of goods are the most notable uses of the shipping container, there are many other beneficial uses which have become popular over the years. They include:

  • As an office or home workshop
  • Serves as a unique kitchen or store along the walkway
  • Can be used effectively as a man cave
  • Can be modified into a mobile office
  • Functions extraordinarily well as a pop-up shop
  • Can be used as a mobile mini-restaurant
  • Durable for an appealing garden shed
  • Serves as a moderate on-field toilet block
  • Can be created as a tiny flat or granny’s home.
  • and so on

Shipping Containers Common Sizes

Shipping containers are mostly made in three sizes. They are:

  1. 10 foot
  2. 20 foot
  3. 40 foot

The 20-foot containers are the most commonly used due to its usability and affordability. Also, the 40-foot containers can be seen being used for the movement and transportation of heavy and large cargo. However, the 10-footers are mostly used due to their relatively low price and movement of a small load.

In summary, the 20-foot size container has remained a go-to-get option because the 10-footer can be too small for some loads while the 40-foot containers can be much of a burden for many specific uses.

Tiger Shipping Containers Taralgon Is All About Quality Components

Tiger Shipping Containers Traralgon are well-known for the sales of strong, versatile and cargo-protective shipping containers. All of our containers have the following qualities:

  • Completely mobile with sizable forklift space
  • Corrugated steel of the best quality are used for the Walls
  • Floors are made with durable marine flooring materials
  • Doors are 270-degrees accessible for convenient loading and offloading
  • Interior belting points to lock down loads.

Accessories for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers come with accessories  for better functionality. And such accessories include:

  • Security padlocks
  • Staircase
  • Ramps for loading
  • Furniture
  • Slings
  • Gas strut lids
  • Container electricity power
  • Butcher-style doors in Refrigerated containers
  • Internal and External Lightings
  • Roller doors
  • Convenient shelving

About Tiger Containers near TRaralgon

Our 35 years of Container delivery experience across Australia has made us a brand with quality and integrity.

Our depots are strategically located across Australia for efficient and quick delivery at a very reasonable price.

Our customer-friendly and experienced staff at Tiger Shipping Container Traralgon are always glad to serve your needs at affordable prices. Kindly call or chat us for further inquiries.

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Our customers get to enjoy a number of different options when they choose containers in taralgon from us. These include (but are naturally not limited to) the following selection.



We aim to give great value to our customers by providing high-quality sea containers and modification services at competitive rates.


Transporting your newly bought cargo container can be quite a hassle. Being so heavy and bulky, shipping containers can be a challenge to transport. When you buy from us however, we will take care of all the logistics and have your shipping container delivered to you within the shortest time possible.


You can easily buy a used shipping container on eBay, but what do you do when you find out the product does not live up to your expectation? That’s where things get tricky. When you buy from us, however, you are guaranteed a quality container with a three-month warranty to cover any unforeseen issues.


You won’t have to deal with us over lengthy phone calls or back and forth emails if you don’t want to. You can simply visit our depot in Melbourne and have all your questions answered as well as view the containers we have in stock.