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You are currently viewing Transforming a Shipping Container into a Backyard Shed

Transforming a Shipping Container into a Backyard Shed

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Who Doesn’t Love A Shed?

Apart from the obvious, shipping containers are used and repurposed for many different things. A prime example is a backyard shed, which can be utilised as a workshop, man cave, retreat or even a small games room, among other things. Sheds fashioned from new or used shipping containers are a cost-effective and simple way to add additional indoor space to your backyard. This blog post covers some of the many benefits of transforming a container into a shed, as well as offering up some particularly good examples of what is really possible.

A shed is something every man dreams of. It’s a personal retreat area in your backyard where you go to kick back, unwind and relax after a long week. A shed is a place you keep all your tools and finally bring that project you have been procrastinating on for weeks to life.

More Affordable than you think!

If you’re considering building a shed, one of the most important choices you will have to make is selecting the building material. You need something that is durable, affordable and can be set up in just a few days. Thankfully, there is a building material that perfectly fits these criteria; the shipping container.

A shipping container shed is a much more affordable alternative to constructing a traditional shed in your yard as it can be customised and modified to your needs. A cargo container is more durable than a wooden shed and more secure than the majority of the styles of sheds people put up on their property.
The larger size of the shipping container also gives you more room to store your larger items such as a ride-on lawnmower, larger outdoor furniture, motorcycles among other things.


For inspiration, we shall take a look at 4 examples of sheds that have been constructed from shipping containers with great results.


There’s something quite satisfying about building something with your own hands. This guy decided to do exactly that using a 40ft high cube cargo container to build his shed. He procrastinated for some time (according to his blog) but he finally gets it done, and the results are beautiful.


This shed is made using two 20ft containers laid parallel to each other with a simple carport roof installed to cover the gap in the middle. The large middle space can be used as parking for vehicles – both large and small.


Made using four 40ft cargo containers stacked two up parallel to each other and covered with corrugated iron sheets, this “modern” barn shows just how easy sea containers can be incorporated into traditional designs.


This is another example highlighting the versatility of the shipping container shed. Made from a modified 20ft shipping container, the wooden deck and green surrounding makes the space more serene. Incorporating recycled materials to create an oasis in their own backyard!


Once you have built your shed, there’re several container accessories you can add to ensure that you utilise the container fully.

1. Container Partitions

Containers come in various sizes – 10, 20, and 40ft. These spaces can be divided up using either solid or removable partitions, to help ease organisation when using the space for different purposes.

2. Container Ramps

Shipping containers have a slight clearance between the ground and the container’s deck. If you plan to roll or drive in items or machinery into the container, a ramp will be necessary to help facilitate this. This will make loading and offloading the container safe and easier.

3. Shelving/container rack installation

For better organisation and space utilisation you can have shelves and racks installed. Depending on the kind of items you need to store, you can either have them standing alone or attached to the container. Racks and shelves will help you store items off the floor, make it easier to find things, as well as improve vertical space utilisation.

Other modifications that you could add to your shipping container shed include:

  • Secure locks for improved security.
  • Dropdown ramps that can be integrated into the container’s doors.
  • Lighting, Air conditioning, internet and telephone connections.
  • Custom windows and doors for natural lighting.

Building your own container shed shouldn’t have to be an expensive or complicated affair. Just get a shipping container, make a few modifications – ideally by yourself as it is cheaper – and build yourself that shed you have always dreamt about. Tiger Shipping Containers will provide you with the shipping container (either new or used depending on your preference and budget) and even help you with the modifications if you so wish.

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