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You are currently viewing The Ultimate Shipping Container Accessories List

The Ultimate Shipping Container Accessories List

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In this post, we’ll dig in and cover the ultimate accessories list you can choose from for your shipping container and your own individual requirements.

Just like many other things you might purchase in life, shipping containers do actually come with a range of handy accessories. These accessories help improve the overall functionality of the container as well as adding to the aesthetics of it.




If you are planning to transform a shipping container into either an on-site office or home office space, then installing whirlybirds in the container ceiling will go a long way towards keeping the container cool and the air inside fresh.

Being made of solid steel, a shipping container baking in the summer sun won’t be a pleasant place to be without some form of climate control.


In a way, these are similar to installing whirlybirds and help to circulate fresh air throughout the container for improved levels of comfort.

However, air vents perform another function as well and are often fitted to containers that are used for storage.

Air vents help keep moisture levels down and stop condensation from building up inside the shipping container and potentially damaging what’s stored inside.


When you are regularly loading and unloading shipping containers, having a ramp makes the task so much easier if you are loading goods on trolleys and palette jacks. It’s virtually impossible to get a palette jack over the edge of the shipping container floor without a loading ramp.

Not only are these ramps handy for loading and unloading, but they can also make for a smoother entrance point for your shipping container office, making the entrance look less like a container and more like a pathway to the entrance door.


What exactly is a security lockbox for a shipping container?

Essentially it’s a super-strength steel housing that covers the padlock on the shipping container doors. This prevents people from being able to easily tamper with the padlock, such as attempting to saw it off or lop it off with bolt cutters.

Security lockboxes are a must-have when transporting and storing goods in your shipping container if you want more security for your precious cargo.


Fitting a roller door to either the end or the side of your shipping container is the perfect solution when containers are being used for permanent storage, or you plan to use your container as a workshop.

As an example, you might buy a used 20ft container and divide it up into 2 sections for your workshop. To make each section easily accessible, installing 2 roller doors on one side of the container allows access to both parts of the workshop.

Roller doors are often more convenient to open and close, rather than wrestling with 2 heavy steel doors.


Installing shelving inside your shipping container can be a real space saver. It’s the perfect space and storage solution when a container is used for:

  • On-site office space
  • A home office
  • Garden shed
  • Home or business workshop
  • Pop up stores
  • Roadside kitchens
  • General storage
  • And more…

Another advantage of having shelving is you can keep more sensitive items off the floor of the container when storing possessions and so on.


If the container is being used for office space, as a workshop, or even for living space, then you’ll want to let in some natural light by having windows installed. Generally, these are your standard aluminium frame, sliding glass windows.

The windows can either be as is, or you can even have security grills or stylish shutters installed, for both added peace of mind as well as aesthetics.

Sliding glass windows also allow you to circulate more fresh air throughout your shipping container office or abode.


These are perfect for on-site container offices where the office gets transported from one construction site to the next. You don’t want to have to empty everything out each time you’re on the move, so a fixed office desk is a great idea.

The desk can be modified to any length you require and will be fixed to the floor and/or wall of the shipping container office.


If your container is to be used as a workshop, then you’re going to need a bench to work on. You might even need a small one even when using a container as a garden shed.

Depending on your needs and what you’ll be doing, you can either install a:

  1. Lightweight workbench
  2. Heavy-duty workbench

A workbench only makes sense.


If the container is being used for anything else other than transport or storage, then chances are you’ll want electricity. Have your container wired up and ready to be plugged in when you need it.


After you have installed some power outlets and readied your container for electricity, you’ll need some overhead light to see by. One of the most common light fittings for shipping container offices is fluorescent lighting, but really all types of lighting can be installed, just like in the room of your home.


A split-cycle system is a great idea for your shipping container office space. That way you’ll be cool in summer and toasty warm in winter.

Climate control is a must for a shipping container.


Insulation not only helps keep an even and comfortable temperature inside your container, but it can also help insulate it against moisture build-up from condensation.

If your container is to be an office or living quarters, then you really need to insulate it.


Standard shipping containers come with heavy-duty, marine quality wooden flooring, but to dress it up a bit, many people install vinyl flooring, or even carpet or tiles if you like.

The original flooring is okay for storage and transporting goods, but not that appealing if your container is being used for more personal purposes.


  • Custom painting
  • Branding & signage
  • Personal access doors
  • Bulkhead doors
  • Bulkhead walls
  • Phone and data outlets
  • Kitchenette
  • Hot water system
  • And much more…

Need a shipping container for your upcoming project? Tiger Shipping Containers provides quality new and used shipping containers at competitive prices. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians will also help you make the modifications you require to meet your needs.

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