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When you picture shipping containers, we can assume the first thing you’d picture is a boat that looks like it's loaded with a sea of multicoloured lego, about to be sent off into the horizon to ship materials and commodities around the globe. 

While it initially doesn’t spark much excitement, more people than not are shocked and intrigued at the multiple ways shipping containers can be used. Yes, that's right, shipping containers are no longer just shipping containers that are rigidly used to transport goods. As the king of containers, Tiger Containers is here to speak about the most innovative ways you can transform a shipping container into something creative! After reading this, you may just want your very own shipping container! 

The Most Innovative Ways to Use Shipping Containers

1. Shipping container restaurants 

If you’re a budding foodie with big dreams of opening or renovating your current restaurant that is eco-conscious, you might want to take notice, as your next restaurant could very well be made from shipping containers. However, even if hospitality's impact on the environment isn't at the forefront of your mind, studies have shown that customers would instead support sustainable practices, so it's something to be aware of when positioning your brand. 

With international travel opening up, you can expect a future influx of customers seeking out eco-friendly restaurants, as 53% of global travellers are willing to pay big bucks for products that are environmentally responsible. 

2. Pop-up cafés, shops or bars

If you’re a café owner, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. The beauty of shipping containers is that they also make the perfect pop-up cafe (and shop or bar). Arguably everyone is drawn to quirky and unique places to eat out today, as eating is more than just food–it’s an experience. In addition, the design possibilities of shipping containers are proven to be endless, so they make the ideal four walls to attract the attention of passers-by. 

3. Shipping container indoor garden

We dedicate this point to all the green thumbs out there. Just look at this spectacular indoor garden made from shipping containers; it’s practically a haven for all avid plant owners. Yes, your garden will be inside and potentially shielded from the sun if you don’t install windows, so special UV lights are required to grow your budding plants. However, it’s not too different from a greenhouse; this one just comes from recyclable shipping containers instead of glass. If you need further convincing, even farmers are taking to growing their produce in shipping containers.

Image Source: Food Navigator USA

4. Shipping container pool 

Arguably the great Australian dream is to own a home with a backyard and a swimming pool. If you don’t have a swimming pool or the funds to create a traditional one, don’t fret, as shipping container pools are more accessible and easier to fit. If you’re a bit of a nomad and see yourself relocating, the good news is that depending on the design of your pool, you can take it with you!  

5. Shipping container music studio

If you’re a muso, a shipping container studio is a must-have. Once converted to your very own private music studio, it makes the ideal hub to practise, perform and record music. Conscious of your neighbours complaining about the noise? You can even soundproof the container, making it a dream come true for musicians. If you’re worried about sound quality, don’t worry, as shipping containers have the capability for nurturing incredible acoustics. So say goodbye to studio rental fees, as you’ll be able to create your music whenever and wherever you want to. 

6. Shipping container homes

Out of all the innovative uses of shipping containers, we feel confident you’ve heard of this one. Shipping container homes are growing in popularity, so we’d be surprised if you haven’t. By 2025, it is estimated the container home market will grow by 6.5% between 2018 to 2025. Why is this? Besides being the newest “it” home, the growth of shipping container homes is driven by faster construction, reduced costs and easy installation and relocation. All topped off with the growing concerns for the environment, and rightfully so. 

Shipping container homes can be constructed from 75% recycled materials, meaning you can feel assured you’re decreasing your energy consumption when purchasing a shipping container. So if you’re looking for a more affordable home in an increasing homeowners market that also reduces your ecological footprint, look no further than a shipping container home. From humble designs in the hinterlands to full-scale mansions, shipping containers can be used to achieve almost any home (or holiday home) look. 

Image Source: Gardening Etc

7. Shipping container gym or sauna 

During the pandemic, sales in gym gear skyrocketed in Australia, with brands like Rebel sport reporting a sales increase of 15.3% between the financial year of 2020 and 2021. Say goodbye to gym membership fees; with a shipping container gym, you can say goodbye to gym membership fees as you save and sweat within the comfort of your shipping container gym. With most of us having an ever-busy schedule, mustering the motivation to the gym after work is almost a workout in itself. A gym in your backyard makes things just that little bit more convenient and easier for you, so your health and fitness don’t have to be compromised. 

Are you a PT? A shipping container gym also makes the ideal at-home gym for you and your clients to work out in. With doors, windows or AC installed, rest assured your metal gym can stay cool all year long. If you’re more aligned with yoga or relaxation, a shipping container could equally make the perfect zen space for yoga and even a sauna. Warmed by a wood-fired stove, you can enjoy the peace of a sauna in the space of your own home. Just be prepared; your gym will be enviable by health enthusiasts in your neighbourhood. 

Repurpose Your Shipping Container with Tiger Containers

So there you have it, our top seven innovative ways you can repurpose a shipping container. We hope we’ve changed your perception of shipping containers and even inspired a shipping container renovation!

Tiger Container is one of Australia’s leading shipping container suppliers, so you can feel assured you’re in the best hands. So whether you want to create a shipping container library, school or art gallery (all honourable mentions, by the way), we’re confident we can pair you with the perfect shipping container to make your dreams become a reality. For more information on our services and how you can transform a shipping container, contact Tiger Containers today.